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Design Process

Our job is simple: help your business succeed in today's fast paced world.  Our team will work with your company to create your online presence.

"Good design is
Good business"

Thomas Watson Jr.

Three Simple Phases

What is it you hope to accomplish with your web presence? Who is your target audience? What kind of interactivity would you like to see on the website? These are important questions which define the overall scope of your website. The Layered Creative team will help you develop a plan that puts your business' best foot forward.


Here's where it gets fun - What colors, fonts, graphics appeal to you and, more importantly, your customers? How does the website fit in with your current marketing strategies? Here's where your website truly takes form! Our graphic designers will work with you to align the website with any current marketing initiatives your business may have. We'll develop a graphical user interfaces (GUI), navigational model, and overall "theme" for your site, then we'll change or modify it until you're satisfied!



The entire website is tested, spell-checked, and reviewed by our team and yours, and any last-minute changes are made. Once we have final sign-off, your site goes LIVE! At your request, we will also carefully submit your site to search engines and offer suggestions on how to market your website on the Internet. 

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